Prof. Yossef Charvit

Building 410 room 32

    Academic Fields of Specialization


    Academic Fields of Specialization – Dr Yossef Charvit

    Social and intellectual history of the Jews of the Mediterranean Basin; The Jews of North Africa, France and Eretz Israel Jewry in the 18th-20th centuries, with emphasis on Jewish communities in Algeria, Morocco and France and their attachment to Eretz Israel and the State of Israel; the history of Hokhmat Israel in France (19th-20th centuries).

    Research Vision:

    My future research activity will be directed along several channels:

      A.    Continued development of the internal community and oriental narrative, alongside the colonial narrative.

      B.    Continued development of the Hebrew historiographic trend in the writing of social and intellectual history of North African Jewry.

      C.    Continued sketching of a portrait of North African Jewish leadership, rabbinic and secular alike, on North African soil and throughout the Diaspora.

      D.    Continued discovery of archives of a regional character and addressing the reciprocal relations between periphery and center, including, wherever possible, Arabic archives in North Africa.

      E.    Conducting historical research on changes in attitude towards Jewish studies and the various schools of Hokhmat Israel: Berlin, Jerusalem and Paris.

    Last Updated Date : 24/08/2023