PH. D. Degree

General Info

The Department offers students the opportunity to pursue doctoral degrees in the following areas:

Ancient Period: Social, Political, Economic, Cultural and Intellectual-Religious Aspects

Second Temple, Mishnaic and Talmudic Period: Movements and Sects, Popular vs. Elite Religion, Religious Leadership, Social, Cultural, Economic and Intellectual-Religious Aspects, Land of Israel and Diaspora

Medieval Period: Social, Cultural, Economic and Intellectual-Religious Aspects, Jews in Ashkenaz and the Islamic Lands 

Modern Period:  Social, Political, Economic and Intellectual-Religious Aspects, Haskala Movement, Orthodoxy, Women’s History, and Gender Studies, Holocaust Period

History of Yishuv and State of Israel, Immigration from European and Islamic Lands  


Ph. D. Degree

Study Requirements:


A. Supplementary studies according to a program to be determined by the Head of the Department and the student's advisor.


B. Participation in a departmental seminar.


C. Participation in two courses in the department or in another department.


C. Knowledge of English and another modern foreign language. 


D. Writing a final dissertation.