Bachelor's Degree

BA Degree BA students studying in the department acquire research skills that encompass the various developments in Jewish history that draw upon the events, personalities and the major trends in the history of the Jews from the Biblical period until the end of the twentieth century (with varying emphases, depending on the periods of their specialization).  Students are exposed to primary sources used by historians, articles, central books, different schools of thought and major polemics among researchers.  Students learn critical reading of sources, accessing historical materials, and the use of digital and bibliographical tools.  Students are required to demonstrate their skills through the writing of at least two seminar papers.  In addition, students develop the skills of writing analyses of primary and secondary sources and presenting oral reports according to the accepted requirements in the academic world.  

Graduates of the BA program acquire the ability to apply in their professional lives (as history teachers, tour guides, politicians or researchers) academic tools in general and historical tools in particular.  The program is built on three types of courses: introductory lectures, exercises in analysis of sources, and seminars.  The course of study is over three years.