Prof. Yechiam Weitz

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    קורות חיים


    Prof. Yechiam Weitz

    March 2023





    Name:                                                                  Yechiam Weitz

    Place and Date of Birth:                                        Jerusalem, Jan. 20, 1951

    Marital Status:                                                      Married + 3 children

    Citizenship and Identity Card Number:                    Israel 5032246

    Home Address:                                                     He-Halutz St, 16  Jerusalem 9692113

    Home Telephone number:                                     04-8110889

    Office Address and Phone:                                    Dept. of Eretz Yisrael Studies,
                                                                                    Haifa University No. Tel. 04-8240476

    Telefax Number:                                                  04 – 8240959



    Date of Degree


    Name of Institution

    and Department

    Period of Study



    General History and General Philosophy, The  Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Degree

    1972 – 1977


    awarded cum laude M.A

    History and Contemporary Jewry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

    1977 – 1981



    The Institute of Contemporary Jewry, The Hebrew
    University of Jerusalem


    1982 – 1987





    Name of Institution and Department



    Eretz - Israel Studies Dept. ,

    University of Haifa


    senior lecturer                 tenure  


                  Eretz - Israel Studies Dept., University of Haifa


    AssociatE Professor  

     Eretz- Israel Studies Dept.,

    University of Haifa



    2010                         University     Haifa           Full Professor    


    The Chair of the Department of Eretz - Israel studies,  University of Haifa. (2005 – 2007)

    Member of the Editorial Board, Yad Yitzhak Ben-Zvi  (1999 - 2005 )

    M. A.  Advisor, Department of Eretz - Israel Studies (1999 - 2002 )

    The Chair of Eretz-Israel's Studies Center, Yad Yitzhak Ben-Zvi and University of Haifa (1997-2001)

    B.A. Advisor, Department of Eretz Yisrael Studies (1991 - 1997)



    1984-1986 Research Fellow, The Shaul Avigur Inter-University Project for the Study of Illegal Immigration

    1988 - 1989     Herzl Fellow, The Institute for the Study of Zionism and the Yishuv, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

    1991 - Research Fellow at the Seminar on Israeli Society During  the 1950's, The Oxford Centre for Postgraduate Hebrew Studies.

    1982 - 1991 Assistant Editor, Yahadut Zemanenu - A Research Annual, The Institute of Contemporary Jewry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

    1992 – 2001 Chief Editor, Yahadut Zemanenu - A Research Annual, The
    Institute of Contemporary Jewry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Herzl Institute,  Haifa University

    1996 -    Research Fellow, The Ben-Gurion Research Center, Sde-Boker

    1997      Research Fellow, The Center for Judaic Studies, University of Pennsylvania,  Philadelphia.

    1999 - 2005 Member of the Editorial Board, Yad Yitzhak Ben-Zvi)

    2003   Research Follow, Dunov Institution, Leipzig, Germany



    .6. Participation in Scholarly Conferences

    Subject of  Lecture/Discussion/Comments

    Place of Conference

    Name of Conference


    The Leadership of Ben-Gurion

    And Begin in the 50th

    The Attitude of Ben-Gurion towards the Revisionist



    The Place of Hausner in Eichmann Trial



    Institute , Sde-Boker

    Ben-Gurion Institute, Sde-Boker


    Yad Ben-Zvi


    The Leadership in Israel in the 50th 

    Ben-Gurion- New Look




    History and Law


    1. 2010








    Golda Meir as the 4th  Prime Minister of Israel

    Yad Ben-Zvi

    The Third Decadence of Israel


    “Ha-Olam Ha-Ze” and  Eichmann Trial

    University of Haifa

    History and Law


    The Political Dimension

    Of the Generation


    The Hebrew University

    1948 Generation


    Between Menachem Begin and “Yair”

    University of Haifa

    The History of “Yair”’


    (Abraham Stern)


    Ben-Gurion and Eichmann Trial

    Bar-Ilan University

    The World of Ben-Gurion


    Begin’s Disappear in 1951


    University of Haifa

    15 years to Begin’s Death  


    The Political Arena in 1948

    Yad Ben-Zvi

    The Civil Society in 1948


    Kastner Trial in History Perceptive

    The World Congress of Jewish Studies

    Fifty Years to Kastner’s  Murder


    Sereny as a Political Figure 

    The Hebrew


    100 years to Enzo Sereny’s  Death 


    Adenauer in Ben-Gurion’s eyes



    Forty Years to Diplomat Connotation between Germany and Israel


    “Lavon Affair”- New Sight

    University of Haifa

    “Lavon Affair”


    The Place of the “Jeckes” in the Reparation’s Process



    “The Jeckes”


    Kastner Trial" and the Israeli society



    60th years after the Holocaust in Hungary


    From IZL to “Herut Movement”

    University of Haifa

    60th to the IZL’s Revolt


    The Attitude of Begin towards the Holocaust

    University of Haifa

    Ten Years to Begin’s Death


    The Struggle on Jabotinsky’s Heritage in the Revisionist Movement 

    Ben-Gurion University

    120 to Jabotinsky’s Death


    Sharett and the Reparation from Germany

    University of Haifa


    Moshe Sharett’s Heritage


    The Involvement of the Intellectuals in the Lavon Affair

    The Hebrew University

    The Historian and the Society   


    The Law for Punishment of the Nazis and their Collaborators as an Expression of the Israeli Society's Attitude Toward the Holocaust in the 1950’s


    Tel-Aviv University

    Judging and Judgment in the Shadow of the Holocaust



    Ben-Gurion’s Final Resignation in 1963

    Van Leer

    Fifty Years to the State


    The Debate Concerning the Role of Culture in the State's First  Years

    The Hebrew University

    A Hundred Years to Hebrew Culture 


    The Kastner Trial, the Eichmann Trial and the Israeli Society,

    University of Haifa

    History and Law


    Towards an Understanding of the Term of the Beginning of the State of Israel

    University of Haifa

    A Hundred Years of Historiography of Zionism ,


    The Awareness Concerning the Holocaust and the Dilemma of Selective Immigration

    Bar-Ilan University

    From Selective Aliya  to Mass Aliya


    Was Israel Kastner a Hero?

    Creighton University

    Crisis and Reaction: The Hero in Jewish History


    Mapai Faces the Election Results to the Third Knesset

    The Hebrew University

    The World Congress of the Jewish Studies


    Shaping the Memory of the Holocaust in Israeli Society of the 1950’s

    Yad Vashem

    The International Scientific Conference of  Yad Vashem 


    Regarding the Term “Resistance” in the “Kastner Trial”,


    The Ghetto Fighters House

    Fifty to Warsaw Ghetto’s Rebellion 


    Kastner Trial and Herut Movement

    University of Haifa

    The History of the Revisionist Movement


    Changing Conceptions of the Holocaust: The Kastner Case

    Yad Ben-Zvi

    Cathedra Discussion


    Mapai and Kastner Trial

    Oxford Centre for Postgraduate Hebrew Studies


    The Israeli Society in the 50th


    New Approaches in the Study of the Revisionist Movement   

    University of Haifa

    The History of the Revisionist Movement


    The Revisionist Movement and the 4th Aliya

    University of Haifa

    The History of the Revisionist Movement


    The Roots of the Mass Immigration

    The Hebrew University

    The World Congress of Jewish Studies 


    The Jewish Refugees in the Zionist Policy during the Holocaust, 

    Yad Ben-Zvi

    Cathedra Discussion


    Yishuv, Diaspora, and Holocaust - Myth and Reality

    Van Leer

    Mythos and History


    The Struggle for the Image of 'Hechalutz' in the Labor Movement in Palestine, 1943-1945,


    The Ghetto Fighters House

    The Youth Movements in the Holocaust


    The Yishuv's Self-Image and the Reality of the Holocaust,

    The Open University

    Society and Culture in the Yishuv and the State


    Mapai's Programs Regarding She'erit Hapletah

    Yad Vashem

    The International Scientific Conference of Yad Vashem






    1993 -  Randolph Braham Prize, University of Haifa


    2000 - Research Fellowship, R. Hecte Foundation (2000).

      1999 - Research Fellowship, Littauer Foundation, New- York

    1998 - Research  Scholarship, Konrad Adenauer Foundation

    1997 - Research Scholarship, Littauer Founation, New-York

    1996 - Research Scholarship, Baden - Wurtemberg Government

    The Memorial Foundation‘s Grants

    1994 - 1995 (post-doctoral grant).

    1993 - 1994 (post-doctoral grant).

    1990 - 1991 (post-doctoral grant).

    1987 - 1988 (special doctoral scholarship for outstanding students)

     1986 - 1987 (doctoral scholarship).

     1984 - 1985 (doctoral scholarship).

    Yad Vashem’s Grants 

    1985 (Ph.D. award)

    1980 (M.A. award)

    9. Courses Taught in Recent Years



    Type of Course


    Name of Course




    From Ze’ev Jabotinsky into Menchem Begin – the History of the Revisionist Movement (1925-1948)






    The Crucial Decisions in the First Decade in the Israel (The Mass Immigration; The Reparation of West Germany; Sinai War; Eichmann Trail)





    From the “Esek Ha-Bish” (The Scandal in Egypt) to “Lavon Affair” (1954-1961)






    Period of Levi Eshkol – the Third Prime Minister (1963-1969)




    The Debate about the Partition Plans from Peel Committee to the UN’s Decision (1937-1947) 





    The Leadership in the Zionist Movement and in Israel (Weizmann, Ben-Gurion, Sharett, Eshkol, Meir, Begin)  




    The Zionist Left between Socialist and Nationally: from “Gdud Ha-Avoda” (The Workers Battalion) to “Prague Trail”  





    The Poet Natan Alterman as Political




    10. Supervision of Graduate Students

    Details of Publication


    Date of Completion /

    in Progress


    Title of Thesis

    Name of Student






    The Attitude of the Ha-Kibutz Ha-Memuhad toward Germany, 1945-1959

    Tamar Gazit




    Official Israeli Institutions in Pursuit of Nazi War Criminals, 1945-1960

    Tal Fried




    -  Mencham Begin as Leader of Opposition Party (Herut Movement -1949- 1952)

    Oren Rosenberg

    Zion 72/1 (2006), pp. 63-90




    The Growth of the Myth of  the Gallows  in the Revisionist Movement

    Amir Goldstein




    Herut Movement in  "Sulam"'s Eyes

    Merav Barzily

    (With Prof. Y. Gelber)




    The Political Way of Ahdut Ha-Avoda Party, 1954-1957

    Eran Mozes




    The Way of Mati Peled (1973-1984 )

    Nir Yessod

    Cathedra 127 (April 2008), pp. 141-168



    The "General Zionists" Party, 1948-1955

    Yaniv Ben-Uzi

    Kivonim Hadasim 14 (June 2006),  pp.193-207



    The Development of the Myth of "Altalena" in “Herut” Movement


    Ofira Grovyse – Kovalsky




    Between Hannah and Saint Joan – Hannah Senesh : Between the Figure and Image

    Rakefet Dayan




    Abba Khoushy as Mayor of Haifa


    Uri Schacham




    Yitzhak Raphael as the Head of the Alliya Department in the Jewish Agency (1948-1953)

    Reut Ben-Arye


    In progress


    The Place of the Individual in the Kibbutz Movement “Ha-Ichud” (1951-1968)


    Gilad Maniv


    In progress


    The Attitude of Yitzhak Tabenkin

    towards the Holocaust (1939-1955)

    Lior Inbar

    Several articles like

    Cathedra 126 (2008), pp. 103-128 Israel 12 (2008), pp. 1-38   



    Ph. D.

    Heurt Movement - Liberal Party Block (Gahal) (1965-1970)

    Amir Goldstein



    Ph. D.

    Levi Eshkol’s Rise to Power in Mapai (1944-1965)

    Arnon Lammfromm




    The Palestine Office in Budapest (1943-1945

    Ayala Nedivi (With Dr. R. Vago)



    Cum launde

    Ph. D.

    The Myths of the Herut Movement

    Ofira Grovyse – Kovalsky


    (With Prof. M.




    Ph. D.

    Golda Meirson (Meir) as the Minister of the Labor (1949-1956)

    Hagai Tsoref 




    The Development of the  Peace Process with Egypt (1973-1979)

    Luis Fisher











    Ph. D,

    How the British Government Decided to  end the Mandate in


    Nahum Goldmann and Moshe Sharett as Zionist Leaders

    Abraham Ben-



    Noga  Kochavi



























    IN progress


    In Progress


    In Progress



    In Progress




    In Progress



    In Progress





    Bar – Ilan





    Ph. D.



    Bar Ilan

    Ph. D.




    Ph. D.




    Ph. D.



    Ph. D.

    Bar Ilan

    Ph.  D.

    Bar Ilan




    Ph, D,







    Ph. D.



    Ph. D.


    The Mista’arvim of the Palmach

    (1941 – 1949(


    The Women in Mapai’s  Faction

    In the Knesset – 1949 – 1977


    The History of the Kibbutz  Lohamei Ha-Getaw’ot in the

    years 1948  - 1984

    Yitzhak Shamir as Political Leader

    Zevulun Hammer as Religion Leader

    The Municipal Government  in the First years in Israel



    Natan Yelin Mor as Political Leader

    The Political Debate about the Military  Government in Israel in the years 1948 – 1966


    The Attitude of the Herut Movement toward the Religion

     Yitzhak Sedeh as Military Commander and Leader

    Dov Yosef  as the Military Governor of Jerusalem in the years 1948  -  1949

    The History of the Upper Galilee Regional Council


    The Debate about the election’s system in the first decade in Israel

    The History of the Holocaust ‘s sites in Israel

    The History of the Revisionist Movement in USA during the Second World War


    Yesha Ekron



    Leah Klatchko



    Ayelet  Hilman



    Gil Litman


    Arye Shilo


    Nadav Heidecker




    Arnon Cohen


    Arye Dayan




    Elad Nahson


    Israel Gat


    Ofer Rigbi



    Ofer Baharal



    Adir Benyamini



    Ayelet Hilman


    Ran Ben-Yeosafat






    My Research's Fields

    1. The Israeli Political

    2. The Israeli Right

    3. The Influence of the Holocaust towards  the Israeli Society

    4. Israel- Germany Relationship

    5. Lavon Affairs

    6. The Political Side of  Nathan Alterman


    List of Publications

    A. Doctoral  Dissertation

    1) The Attitude of Mapai Towards the Destruction of European Jewry 1939-1945, The Institute of Contemporary Jewry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, December 1987, 335 pages (The tutor: Prof. Yisrael Gutman ) 

    B. Scientific Books (Refereed)


    1) Aware but Helpless – Mapai and the Holocaust, 1943 – 1945, Yad Itzhak Ben – Zvi Press, Jerusalem 1994, 221 pp. (Heb.)

    2 ) The Man who was Murdered Twice – The Life, Trial and Death of Israel Kasztner,

    Keter Publishing House, Jerusalem 1995, 407 pp.(Heb.) (Second publish – 2009)

    2a) The Man who was Murdered Twice  - The Life, Trial and Death of Israel Kasztner , Yad Vashem Press, Jerusalem 2011, 338 pp.

    3) From Underground to Political Party : The Foundation of “Herut Movement”, 1947-1949,

      The Ben-Gurion Research Center Press, Sde-Boker 2002 , 261 pp. (Heb.)

    4) The First Step to Power – “The Herut Movement”, 1949-1955, Yad Itzhak Ben-Zvi Press, Jerusalem 2007 , 246 pp (Heb.)

    5) Between Ze‘ev Jabotinsky and Menachem Begin – Essays on the Revisionism Movement,

     Magnes Press, Jerusalem  2012, 252 pp. (Heb.)

    6) The Life, the Death and Commemoration of Yechiam Weitz  - the Commemoration of the Generation of 1948,  Carmel Press, Jerusalem 2021 , 304 pp. (Heb.)


    Edited Books - Published

    1) From Vision to Revision – A Hundred Years of Historiography of Zionism ,

    The Zalman Shazar Center, Jerusalem 1997, 406 pp. (Heb.)

    2) Palmach – Sheaves and Sword, The Ministry of Defense Press, Tel-Aviv 2000, 350 pp. 


    3)  Between the Star of David and the Yellow Star - The Jewish Community and Palestine and

    the Holocaust,  1939- 1945, Documents, Yad- Vashem and  Yad Ytzhak Ben-Zvi, Jerusalem 2002,  457 pp. (With Prof. Dina Porat) (Heb.


    4)), The  Forth Decade of Israel (1987 – 1987 Yad  Ben-Zvi Press, Jerusalem 2016, 517 pp. (With Dr. Zvi Zameret) (Heb.),

    5) Between the Society and the Individual at the Jewish Settlement in the Land of Israel, University of Haifa, Haifa 2020 , 257 pp. (With Dr, Ofira Gruweis – Kovalsky) (Heb.)

     C. Articles in Refereed Journals Publication

    1) The Attitude of the Jewish Agency Executive towards the DP’s, May – November 1945 , Yalkut Moreshet 29 )1980), pp. 53-80. (Heb.)

    2) The Zionist Movement and the DP’s at the End of the Second World War, Dapim Lecheker Tekufat Hashoah 3 (1984), pp. 139-158. (Heb.)

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    (Enlarge of article no. 29)

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