Prof. Schremer Adiel

Prof. Adiel Schremer


Curriculum Vitae


I. Personal: born Jerusalem, March 7th, 1965; married + 3; citizen of Israel.



II. Education:

            1987–1996:Hebrew University, Jerusalem:

                        1989 B.A cum laude in Talmud and Jewish History

                        1990 doctoral program in Jewish history.

                                    Dissertation topic: “Jewish Marriage in Talmudic                                          Babylonia”. Advisor: Prof. Moshe D. Herr.

                                    Approved: October 1996 (summa cum laude).

                        1996 Ph.D. summa cum laude in Jewish History.


III. Employment:

1988-1990: scientific editing of Hebrew texts for Jewish Theological Seminary of America

1990-1993: teaching assistant in Jewish History, HebrewUniversity

1993-1998: instructor in Jewish History, Bar-IlanUniversity

1998-2003: senior lecturer in Jewish History, Bar-IlanUniversity

2000 - senior fellow, Institue of Advanced Judaic Studies, ShalomHartman Institute, Jerusalem

2003-2011: associate professor (tenured) in Jewish History, Bar-IlanUniversity

2003 - chair, The Halpern Center for the Study of JewishSelf-Perception, Bar-Ilan University

2011 – professor in Jewish History, Bar-Ilan University


V. Prizes and Fellowships:

1987, 1989 Dean’s List, HebrewUniversity, Faculty of Humanities

1988 Epstein Prize, HebrewUniversity Dept. of Talmud

1993-1995 Rotenstreich fellowship, HebrewUniversity

1996 Warburg Prize, HebrewUniversity

1997 Warburg Prize, HebrewUniversity

1998-2000 Alon Prize, Ministry of Education and Bar-IlanUniversity

1999 Urbach Prize, Jewish Memorial Foundation and the World Union for Jewish Studies

2001 Rozen-Zvi Prize, Faculty of Law, Tel-AvivUniversity

2004 Ish-Shalom Prize, Yad Yizhak ben Zvi, Jerusalem

2008 Short term fellow, Center for Advanced Judaic Studies, Universityof Pennsylvania

2009/10 Tikvah inaugural fellow, NYU School of Law

2011 Bruno Prize, The Rothchild Foundation

2015 Fellow, Israel Institute of Advanced Studies, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem


VI. Membership in Learned Societies:

            Association of Jewish Studies (AJS); Israeli Historical Society; Societyof Biblical Literature (SBL); World Union for Jewish Studies; International Society for Religion, Literature, and Culture (ISRLC); Association of Ancient Historians(AAH)



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Fields of Interest


  1. Jewish history of the Second Temple, Mishnah and Talmud periods
  2. Second Temple Judaism
  3. Rabbinic Judaism
  4. Rabbinic Literature
  5. History of Halakha