Prof. Meir Bar Ilan

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Curriculum Vitae






Born: New York, November 5, 1951

Married: 5 children

Citizenship: USA / Israel



1980   Bar-Ilan University, Israel      B. A.

1983   Bar-Ilan University, Israel      Ph. D.


Academic Employment

1980-82            Bar-Ilan University, Israel            Instructor 

1984-89            Bar-Ilan University, Israel            Lecturer

1991-92            Holon City College, Israel            Senior Lecture

1990-95            Bar-Ilan University, Israel  

2000-07            Bar-Ilan University, Israel            Associate Professor

2008-09            Bar-Ilan University, Israel            Talmud Department, Chair

2010-15            Bar-Ilan University, Israel            Talmud Department, Chair 




Visiting Appointments:

1982-3 Hebrew University   Research Associate

1988-9 Harvard University   Research Associate

2000-1 Vienna University     Guest Professor


Doctoral Advising:

2009    Yossi Ziv                     Hilkhot Shabbat in Beta Israel

2011    Shai Valter                  Calendrical Realia and Astronomical Knowledge in the Talmud

2013    Adir Dahoah-Halevi   'Midat Hassidut': From Theory to Practice in Post-Talmudic

                                                Rabbinical Responsa

2014    Chaim Zvi Oelbaum    The Tradition of Mishnaic Flora (together with Prof. Z. Amar)

2015    Tziporah Lifshitz         Beauty as a Value in Rabbinic Literature: Analysis of Rabbinic

                                               Approaches to Beauty in Human Beings and Nature


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Academic Interests

  1. Cultural and spiritual life of the Jews in the Land of Israel in Antiquity
  2. Social History of the Jews in Antiquity
  3. Ancient Jewish Mysticism
  4. Ancient Jewish Magic
  5. Ancient Jewish Medicine
  6. Apocalyptic Literature
  7. Jewish Liturgy
  8. Heikhalot Literature