Prof. David Malkiel [Emeritus]

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    קורות חיים

    Professor David Joshua Malkiel



                Address: 13 Gad St., Apt. 25, Jerusalem 9362212

                Tel.: +972-526094943






                B.A.                 1972-1975 - Bar Ilan University - Dep't. of Jewish History

                M.A., Ph.D.     1980-1988 - Harvard University - Dep't. of Near Eastern

                                        Languages and Civilizations


                Doctoral dissertation grants and fellowships:

                1985: Center for Jewish Studies, Harvard University

                1985: Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation

                1985-1986: Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture

                1987-1988: Lady Davis Fellowship Trust



    1986-1990: Adjunct Lecturer: Judith Lieberman Institute (Jerusalem); Bruria

    College (Jerusalem); Pardes Institute (Jerusalem); Ben Gurion

    University; Bar Ilan University; Touro College (Jerusalem)

                1990-1993: Lecturer: Ben Gurion University

                1993-1994: Writer & Consultant: Centre for Educational Technology, Ramat


                1993-1997: Judaic Studies editor: Kiryat Sefer, Jewish National & University


                1994-1997: Lecturer: Beit Berl College, Kfar Sava

                1995-1996: Harry Starr fellow in Jewish Studies, Center for Jewish Studies,

                            Harvard University

                1997-1999: Assistant Professor: Touro College (Jerusalem)

                1997-2001: Editor: Pe’amim, quarterly publication of the Ben-Zvi Institute

                2000-2010: Senior Lecturer, Department of Jewish History, Bar Ilan


                2007-2008: Visiting Associate Professor of Jewish Studies, Stanford


                2010-2015: Associate Professor, Department of Jewish History, Bar Ilan


                2015-: Full Professor



                (a) Honors and awards (postdoctoral)

                            1989/90 - Warburg Prize, Hebrew University


                (b) Research fellowships (postdoctoral)

                            1989 - Lady Davis Fellowship, Hebrew University

                            1994 - Dinur Institute for Jewish History, Hebrew University

                            1995 - Harry Starr Fellowship, Harvard University



    2009-2012: Israel Science Foundation: “Tombstones of the Jews of Padua”

    2013-2016: Israel Science Foundation: “Ambassadors of Holiness: Shadars in the Social and Intellectual Life of Italian Jewry (1450-1850)”

    2020-2022: Israel Science Foundation: “Hebrew Letters from Renaissance Italy”



    Natan Slifkin, Rabbinic Encounters with Zoology in the Nineteenth Century (completed 2016).


    Hillel Applebaum, Slavery among the Jews of Medieval Ashkenaz (completed 2020).




    Association for Jewish Studies: 2005-2011: member Board of Directors



    1998: “Leone Modena and his World” (Ben-Zvi Institute, Jerusalem)

    2000: “Identity and Memory: Oriental Jewry in the Late Twentieth Century” (Ben-Zvi

                Institute, Jerusalem)

    2001: “Livorno: Intersection of Oriental Jewish Culture” (Ben-Zvi Institute,


    2014: “Travelers and Travel” (Israel Historical Society; Bar-Ilan University)

    2021: “Between Europe and the Land of Israel” (Yad Ben-Zvi)

    2022: “Under Gentile Eyes: Representations of the Jews and Judaism in Medieval and Modern Europe”




    2015-2016       Graduate School Committee

    2015-2018       Appointments Committee

    2020-2022       Appointments Committee, Alternate





    1) Jewish culture in Europe and the Mediterranean basin in the Middle Ages and early modern era

    2) Jewish culture in Italy in the Middle Ages and early modern era

    3) Palestinian emissaries and their relations with their hosts







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