Prof. Emmanuel Friedheim

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Prof. Emmanuel Friedheim

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Telephone: (972) (0)3-5318455

Location: 410 Room 42


Academic CV:

Place of birth: Paris (France)

1992: B. A. : The Department of Jewish History & the Department of General History, BIU.

1995: M. A. (with thesis): The Department of Jewish History - Ancient Era -Magna cum Laude, BIU.

1999: Ph. D. : The Department of Jewish History - Summa cum Laude, BIU.

2012: Graduated from The Pontifical University of the Holy Cross (Rome) / Polis. The Jerusalem Institute of Languages and Humanities – Spoken Ancient Koine Greek.


Academic Ranks

2001: The YigalAlon prize for young outstanding scholars from the Planning & Budgeting Committee - The Israeli Council for Higher Education.

2002: Lecturer

2006: Senior Lecturer with tenure

2012: Associate Professor 

2021: Full Professor



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Fields of interest

1.    Ancient Jewish History in the Second Temple period and in the Days of the Mishnah and                                      Talmud;

2.    Paganism in Roman and Byzantine Palestine;

3.    Jews and Non-Jews; Talmudic Literature;

4.    Talmudic Realia; Ancient Jewish Music;

5.    Graeco-Roman Culture; Ancient Medicine;

6.    Jewish Education in Ancient Era; Religious Dissidence.