Prof. Baumel Schwartz Judy

Director, The Arnold and Leona Finkler Institute of Holocaust Research, The Abraham and Edita Spiegel Family Professor in Holocaust Research, The Rabbi Pynchas Brener Professor in Research on the Holocaust of European Jewry
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academic degrees

Higher Education                          University                                Year


    B.A.                                        Bar-Ilan University                         1980

    M.A.                                       Bar-Ilan University                         1982

    Ph.D.                                      Bar-Ilan University                         1986


Teaching in the Department of Jewish History at Bar Ilan from 1998.

Full Prof. in the department from 2011.


Positions Held Inside the University:


2001-03     Member of the Board of the Fanya Gottesfeld Heller Institute for the

                  Study of Women in Judaism

2001-15     Member of the Interdisciplinary Committee

2002-03     Chair, Finkler Institute of Holocaust Research

2002-03     Chair, Institute for the History of the Jewish People in the Modern Era

2002-13     Chair, Graduate Program in Contemporary Jewry

2003-10     Member of the Board of the Rapoport Institute for the Study of Jewish Assimilation

2004 -       Member of the Teaching Committee of the Midrasha and Magal

2004 -       Member of the Five Year Planning Committee for the Magal (Machon

                 Hagavoha Letorah and Midrasha)

2009-11    Chair of the Zorach Warhaftig Institute for Religious Zionism

2011-14    Member of the University Ph.D. Committee

2011-        Director, the Fanya Gottesfeld-Heller Institute for the Study of Women in Judaism

2012-16    Member of the University Senate

2013 -       Director of the Helena and Paul Schulmann School for Basic Jewish Studies


Public Positions


-          Member of the Academic Commemoration Committee of the Department for

            Soldier Commemoration, Department of Defense, Tel-Aviv.

-          University Representative, Scientific Committee of Yad-Vashem, Jerusalem.

-          Member of the Academic Committee of “Sefer HaMa’apil” [Book of Illegal

           Immigrants to Palestine], Atlit Museum, JNF.

-          Historian of the OTC Organization (One Thousand Children), Washington, D.C., USA.

-          Member of the Academic Committee of “The Scroll of the Holocaust”,

           Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies

-          Member of the Academic Committee of “Remember the Women” Institute, New York.

-          Historical Advisor for the Exhibition “Spots of Light: To Be a Woman in the

           Holocaust”, Yad Vashem, 2007.

-          Member of the academic boards of the books "Asor Shlishi" ("The Third

            Decade") and "Asor Revi'i" ("The Fourth Decade"), Yad Yitzchak Ben-Zvi, Jerusalem.

-          Member of the Public Committee for the Commemoration of Ze'ev Jabotinsky

           (since 2010).


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Topics of Academic Study:


1) Zionism and the history of the State of Israel (with emphasis on the topics of gender and memory);

2) American Jewry during the Twentieth Century (with emphasis on the American Jewish radical right wing);

3) The Holocaust: Gender, Commemoration and Memory in the Twentieth Century Jewish Experience.

4) The Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox (with emphasis on gender) since the Second World War.

5) The American-Jewish immigrant experience

6) Gender with emphasis on the Holocaust, The DPs, American Jewish Women, The Yishuv and the State of Israel, and Orthodox Jewish women.