Prof. Meir Marc Dworezcki


Meir Marc Dworezcki (3 May 1908 – 15 March 1975) was an Israeli physician, historian and Holocaust survivor. He was born in Lithuania (at the time part of the Russian Empire) and emigrated to Israel after World War II. He authored a number of books on the Holocaust, in particular with reference to the Baltic States and the medical profession.

In 1953, Dworezcki was awarded the Israel Prize, for social sciences, the inaugural year of the prize.

Published works of Dvorzhetski:

(Titles freely translated from the Hebrew)

Between the Pieces - an autobiography

Jerusalem of Lithuania in Revolt and in the Holocaust – History of the Vilna Ghetto and the Resistance Movement

Europe without Children: Nazi Plans for Biological Destruction

The Jewish Camps in Estonia

Hirshke Glik, Paris 1966 


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