Academic Faculty

Head of department

Prof. Kimmy Caplan Chair of the Department ; Director, The Marcell and Maria Roth Chair in the History and Culture of Polish Jewry 972-3-5318672

Full Professor

Name Position Telephone Email
Prof. Bar Ilan Meir 972-3-5318675
Prof. Baumel Schwartz Judy Director, The Arnold and Leona Finkler Institute of Holocaust Research, The Abraham and Edita Spiegel Family Professor in Holocaust Research, The Rabbi Pynchas Brener Professor in Research on the Holocaust of European Jewry 972-3-5318678
Prof. Feiner Shmuel Director, The Samuel Braun Chair for the History of the Jews in Prussia 972-3-5318996
Prof. Gaimani Aharon 972-3-5318676
Prof. Harel Yaron Incumbent of the Yekutiel and Hannah Klein Chair in the History of the Modern Rabbinate in Europe; Vice-Chairman of the Historical Society of Israel 972-3-5318674
Prof. Malkiel David 972-3-5318677
Prof. Orfali Moshe Director, The Rabbi Moshe Chaim Lau Chair for the Study of Leadership in Times of Crisis 972-3-5317686
Prof. Schremer Adiel 972-3-5318679

Associate Professor

Name Position Telephone Email
Prof. Ferziger Adam Director Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch Chair for Research on the Torah with Derekh Erez Movement 972-3-5318677
Prof. Friedheim Emmanuel Director, The Rivlin Institute for the History of the Land of Israel and its Settlement 972-3-5318455; 052-8693516
Prof. Levin Yigal 972-3-5318676
Prof. Weitz Yechiam 972-3-7384261

Senior Lecturer

Name Position Telephone Email
Dr. Arad Dotan 972-3-5317686
Dr. Breier Idan 972-3-5318675
Dr. Conforti Yitzhak 972-3-5317261
Dr. Gellman Uriel 972-3-5317715
Dr. Kaplan Debra 972-3-5318672

Teaching Fellow

Retired Teaching Staff

Name Position Telephone Email
Prof. Bacon Gershon Director, The Marcell and Maria Roth Chair in the History and Culture of Polish Jewry 972-3-5318997
Prof. Bashan Eliezer 972-3-5318353
Prof. Baumgarten Albert [Emeritus] 972-3-5318353
Prof. Demsky Aharon 972-3-5318353
Prof. Hildesheimer Meir Associate Professor 972-3-5317687
Prof. Michman Dan 972-3-5317251
Prof. Regev Shaul 972-3-5318353
Prof. Rosenfeld Ben Zion [Emeritus] 972-3-5317687
Prof. Rosman Moshe 972-3-5318997
Prof. Schwarzfuchs Simon [Emeritus] 972-3-5318353
Prof. spitzer shlomo 972-3-5318353
Prof. Toaff Ariel [Emeritus] 972-3-5318353
Dr. Yankelevitch Refael 972-3-5318353
Prof. Zimer Eric [Emeritus] 972-3-5318353
Prof. Zohar Zvi 972-3-5317086