Dr. Presiado Mor

Dr. Mor Presiado


Curriculum Vitae



2007- 2103: Ph.D., University of Bar-Ilan, Ramat-Gan, Israel.

Faculty of Jewish Studies, Department of Jewish Art.  

"The Influence of Feminism and Gender Research on Holocaust Art Created by Women Artists in Europe (1939-1949), Israel and the United States (1970-2010):

The Case of Judy Chicago's 'Holocaust Project – From Darkness into Light' as a Basis for the Analysis of Other Women Artists' Works."

Supervisors: Prof. Bracha Yaniv and Dr. Mirjam Rajner


2007: M.A. degree, History of Art Department, Tel Aviv University, Israel.

"'The City beyond Good and Evil': The City in German Expressionism Figurative Painting 1905-1933."

Supervisor: Dr. Ruth Markus


1999-2004: B.A. in History of Art and Film and Television, Tel Aviv University, Israel (double major).



1. " Sexual Violence in Women's Art after the Holocaust - 1945 to the Present", War and Sexual Violence Conference, City University of New York (April 2016).


2. "Feminist Ideology, Socialist Thought and Jewish-American Identity in Judy Chicago's 'Holocaust Project: From Darkness into Light', New York/New Work: Contemporary Jewish Art, Conference, Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem (November 2015).


3."Jewish Art as Autobiography: Reconstructing Life Stories of Holocaust Survivors through Art", Constructing and Deconstructing Jewish Art, International Conference, Bar-Ilan University (September 2015).


4. "Expanding the Perspective on Holocaust Art: The Female Experience during the Holocaust as Expressed in Women's Art (1939-1948)", International Workshop within the Framework of the European Holocaust Research Infrastructure (EHRI),Yad Vashem, Jerusalem (February 2015). 


5. "Intergenerational Memory in the Art of Daughters of Holocaust Survivors", Jewish Art in contemporary Israel, Bar-Ilan University (January 2015).


6. "'Never Say You Are Not Hungry': Images of Hunger in Holocaust Art Works of Contemporary Women Artists as an Expression of Poverty, Feminist Ideology and Intergenerational Memory", Annual Motar Conference, Tel Aviv University (February 2014).


7. "Mother-Daughter Relationships and the Maternal Figure in the Works of Daughters of Holocaust Survivors", "The Sixteenth World Congress of Jewish Studies", Hebrew University, Jerusalem (July 2013).


8. "Representations of Rape and Sexual Abuse in Women's Holocaust Art from  1945 to the Present", Women and the Holocaust Conferences, The Sixth International Conference, Beit-Berl (March 2013).


9. "Grief and Solace in the Works of Women Artists who Survived the Holocaust as Children", New York University and  Haifa University Graduate Student Conference,  New York University,  New York (May 2010).


10."'These Threads Capture Shadows': The Sewing and embroidery Motif in the Holocaust Art Works of Contemporary Israeli and American Women Artists", The Fifteenth World Congress of Jewish Studies, Hebrew University, Jerusalem (August 2009).


11."Judy Chicago's Double Jeopardy: A Feminist Response to the Holocaust in Contemporary Art", First Junior Scholars Conference on Jewish Art, Tel Aviv University (March 2009).


Scholarships and Awards

2012: Yehiel Ozer, Jonah (Tova) Hinda and Moshe Yehezkel of Clar House Scholarship, Faculty of Jewish Studies, The Leona and Arnold Finkler Institute for Holocaust Research, Bar-Ilan University.


2012: Ph.D. Scholarship, The International Institute for Holocaust Research Yad Vashem, Jerusalem.


 2007-2011:  President's Scholarships for Excellent Doctoral Students, Bar-Ilan University.


2010:  The Fanya Gottesfeld Heller Center for the Study of Women in Judaism Student Research Award, Bar-Ilan University.


2010: Ph.D. Scholarship, The International Institute for Holocaust Research Yad Vashem.


2007:  "The Faculty Award for Research in the Field of Expressionism", The Yolanda and David Katz Faculty of the Arts, Tel-Aviv University, through the Robert Gore Rifkind Donation.


2005: "The Faculty award" in M.A Studies, The Yolanda and David Katz Faculty of the Arts, Tel-Aviv University.


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Fields of Interest

  1. Holocaust and Post-Holocaust Art

  2. Art and Trauma

  3. Jewish Art

  4. Modern and Contemporary Art

  5. Art and Gender

  6. Women's Art

  7. Women Artists in Israel