Dr. Recanati Yitzhak S.

Dr. Yitzhak S. Recanati





Date and place of birth: Israel, July 29th 1951

Citizenship: Israeli

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2010          Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan. Ph.D.: Religious Zionism and Screen Arts; Ma’aleh school, its students and their films as a case study. Advisors: Prof. Judy Baumel-Schwartz and Prof. David Alexander

2000           Touro College, Jerusalem. M.A. in Jewish Education: Is “Other” TV an Option in Israel? Advisor: Prof. Gabriel Ben Simhon (with distinction)



2003-2004       Center for Development, Course for for Senior Teaching Specialists, Ministry of Education and Culture, Jerusalem. Graduate.

1997-1998       Mandel School for Educational Leadership, Jerusalem. Graduate + Teachers’ certificate

1984                 Workshop for Judaism and Media. Jerusalem.

1969-1973        Har Etsyon Yeshivah, 2nd class. Hesder Yeshivah military service. 



2003-                        Books’ and texts’ independent editor; Documentary film editor and director

2012-2014                Professional Consultant and editor: Tune of the Heart Jewish Music Series for HOT and YES Israeli cable companies and Meir TV channel 

2001-2003                Eliner Publishing House, The Jewish Agency. Editor

2000-2003                School of Educational Leadership, Jerusalem. Candidate Selection Team member

2000                         “Tevat Te’udah” TV series, Channel 2. Consultant

2000-2001                 Ma’aleh School for Television, Cinema and Arts, Jerusalem. Administrative director

1990-1996                 Ma’aleh School for Television, Cinema and Arts, Jerusalem. General director

1992-1996                 Ma’aleh Production Company. Board director

1998-2000                 Ma’aleh School for Film, Television and Arts, Jerusalem. Chief Executive Officer

1990                           Zera’im, the Bene Akiva Publication, Israel. Co-editor with Uri Orbach

1988-1989                 Yeladim. Publishing House editor and director                    

1989-1990                 Ra’ananah, Children’s and Youth’s Literature. Director

1988-1990                 Nahalah Publishing House, Jerusalem. Editor

1975-1988                 Israeli Television, Public Broadcasting Services/Channel 1. Editor-producer (including a one-year intermission)

1972-1974                 Be-Etsem, Religious Youth Monthly Journal. Editor



2013-                         Emunah College for Visual Studies in Jewish Education. Director of Graduate Studies

2011-                         Emunah College for Visual Studies in Jewish Education. Education research papers’ director.

2010-                        Bar Ilan University. Language and Communication in Today’s Jewish World. Instructor.

2009-                        Hertsog and Emunah Colleges. Advising and instruction for academic education subjects’ paper writing

2011-                        Emunah College. Department director for academic education subjects’ paper-writing advising and instruction

2003-                        Emunah College. Courses in education/arts/media interface: communication and values; the art of the believer, the visual in Judaism

2001                         Hertsog College. The religious public in its own eyes: communication and values, children, youth and media; education and screen arts; the Jewish and Israeli press.

2001                        Emunah College and Mandel School of Educational Leadership, Private Tutoring. Academic project-writing instruction.

1996-                      Mandel School for Educational Leadership, IDF’s Leadership Cultivation Program. Individual writing instruction and tutoring.

1992-2001              Israeli Television. Course instruction: The Religious Experience in Cinema and TV- production

1992-2001               Ma’aleh” School for Television, Cinema and Arts, Jerusalem. Documentary writing instruction



  2010-                       Ministry of Culture, Department of Arts’ Schools and Public Commission for Culture and Arts. Member.

2009-                       Renanot Non-profit Organization, the Institute for Jewish Music. Director and Head of Board of Directors

2009                         Ministry of Culture’s Cultural Management’s Cinematic Arts’ Prize Committee. Member

2009                          Ministry of Culture’s Committee for Cinema and Creative Writing Schools Funding Criteria. Member

2002-2010                 Ministry of Education’s The Zevulun Hamer Selection Committee for Best Jewish Script. Member

2000-2004                 Committee for Israeli Film. Member

1997-2000                 National Jewish-Religious Education Department, Communications’ Committee. Member

1996-2000                 The Public Arts and Culture Commission, Film Department. Member

1994                          Ministry of Education and Culture’s Communications and Film Subjects’ Committee. Member

1985-                         Renanot, The Institute for Jewish Music. Board member



1995                             Religious Zionism Reines Award for the book Our Task Should be Completed, by rabbi Yeshayahu Shapira

1984                            Minister of Education, Culture and Sport’s Jewish Culture Initiators Award (5764=1984)



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Fields of Interest and Research

  1. Points of Interface connection in the fields of media, art, society and education. More specifically: television, film and the national modern-orthodox public press.
  2. Salonica Jewry in the 20th century.
  3. Visual art in Jewish sources.