Dr. Breier Idan

Dr. Idan Breier


Curriculum Vitae

1. Personal Data:

Name: Idan Breier

Address: 13/3 Glitzenstein St. Petah Tiqvah

Tel/Fax: 03-9094297, 054-5287376

E-MAIL: idan.breier@biu.ac.il‏ 

Place of Birth: Israel

Born: 06/02/64

Marital Status: Married+4

2. Education:  

B.A.( Summa Cum Laude) Bar Ilan University, Jewish History Dept. and

General History Dept. 1992

Ph.D (Summa Cum Laude) Bar Ilan University, Jewish History Dept. 2001

3. Thesis Subject:

Buffer States in the Ancient Near East in the Biblical Period


Prof. Em. Pinchas Artzi

Prof. Aaron Demsky

4. History of Academic Appointments in Bar Ilan University:

Adjunct Lecturer 4 Teaching Units 1.11.2012

5. Current Academic Appointments:

Bar Ilan University, Jewish History Dept. Adjunct Lecturer, 4 Teaching Units Oranim Academic College, The Bible Dept. Adjunct Lecturer, 2 Teaching Units

6. History of Academic Appointments:

1994-2002 Bar Ilan University, Jewish History Dept.    Lecturer (Madrich).

1997-2000 Zefat Academic College, The Bible Dept. Lecturer (Madrich).

1998-2000 Orot Israel College, History Dept.             Lecturer (Madrich).

2001          Haifa University, Jewish History Dept. Lecturer (Madrich). 2002-2004 Haifa University, Jewish History Dept. Lecturer (Madrich-Dr). 2006-2013 Oranim Academic College, The Bible Dept. Adjunct Lecturer. 2008-2012 Haifa University, Biblical Studies Dept. Adjunct Lecturer.

2014. Bar-Ilan University, Jewish History Dept. Lecturer.

7. Supervision of Graduates Students

8. Scholarships and Awards:

1993 “The Moris M. Pulver Fund” Award for Ph.D Students

1994-1996 Rothenschtreich Scholarship for Ph.D. Students

9. Grants:  

10. Organization of scientific conferences:

11. Professional Activities:

2002-2004 – Assistant of the Head of M.A Program for Teachers “The Biblical

World”, Jewish History Dept. Haifa University

12. Areas of Specialization:

  1. History of the international relations in the ancient Near-East and the Bible in comparison with moder international relations.
  2. Cultural studies of the Bible lands. 
  3. Philosophy of History.

13. Varia:  

2002 “Excellent Lecturer”, Haifa University


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Dr. Idan Breier - Short biography

Dr. Idan Breier (b. 1964) is a lecturer in Jewish History at Bar-Ilan University (Ramat-Gan, Israel), where he gained his graduate and post-graduation degrees. His primary field of interest lies in biblical and ancient Near Eastern history, in particular the international relations of this period in light of modern international relations theories. Inter alia, his publications deal with international relations during the El Amarna period and the end of the First Temple period and the mutual relationship between man and dog in the lands of the Bible and ancient cultures.